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Τετάρτη, 14 Μαρτίου 2018

Working Life: Belief, Custom, Ritual, Narrative A Folklore Society conference, Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April 2018, at the Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading, 6 Redlands Road, Reading RG1 5EX

NB: the conference talks will take place in Room L022 G01 the University of Reading’s London Road campus, 4 Redlands Road, Reading RG1 5EX, 5 mins walk from the Museum of English Rural Life.
Friday 27th
13:00-14:00      Registration opens at Room L022 G01
14:00-14:30      Welcome to the conference, by Dr Oliver Douglas, Curator, Museum of English Rural Life,
and member of the FLS Council.
14:30—15:30    Prof. Patricia Lysaght, The Folklore Society Presidential Address 2018:
“From ‘Collect the Fragments...’ to ‘Memory of the World’. The Irish Folklore Commission (1935-1970): Achievement, Legacy, and the Digital Era.”
15:30-16:00      Tea/Coffee
16:00-18:00      Session 1                       Folklorists, Monks, Millers and Drinks
Dr Paul Cowdell: “Second Impressions: What We Make of What Makes us Folklorists”
Dr Anne Lawrence-Mathers: “The Monks of Reading Abbey as Creators and Custodians of Images of Working Lives.”
Jeremy Harte: “‘How Many Sacks Hast Thee A-Stole?’ The Miller as Folk Villain.”
Dr Matt Cheeseman: “Friday Drinks.”
18:00-19:30      Friday Drinks Reception at the Museum of English Rural Life: with folk music
19:30               Free to roam and forage for food. Conference pub: The Mercure George Hotel, RG1 2HS
Saturday 28th
9:30-11:00        Session 2                       Work Songs
Dr Devender Kumar: “Peasantry in North Indian Women’s Folk Song Jakari.”
Hasmik Matikyan: “Lullaby as Work Song.”
Ernie Warner: “Work Songs and Occupational Identity in Song and Dance.”
11:00-11:30      Tea/Coffee
11:30-13:00      Session 3                       Spinning Yarns
Rosalind Kerven: “Spinners, Servants and Midwives: Women at Work in British and Irish Folk Narratives.”
Mark Norman: “Spindle, Shuttle and Needle: The Folklore of Wool and Yarn.”
Dr Kate Smith: “From Hard Labour to Art and Leisure”
13:00-14:00      Lunch
Working Life

Keynote talk: Prof. David Hopkin: “Lace Legends, Patrons and Celebrations: Craft Pride and Women’s Work.”
Session 4                       Potters and Publicans
Dr Ceri Houlbrook: “‘A Folklorist Walks into a Bar...’: The Publican as Curator of the Concealed Revealed.”
Dr Meredith McGriff: “Individuals Together: Independent Professional Potters as an Occupational Folk Group.”
Session 5                       Rural Labour, Landscape and Legend
Fiona Mackenzie: “‘Bho mhoch gu dubh’: From Dawn to Dusk—a Day in the Working Life of a Hebridean Crofter.”
Dr Nick Jones: “Encountering Tolpuddle: Landscape , Ritual and Power.”
Robert McDowall: “William Cobbett: a 21st-Century Evaluation of Rural Rides.”
Sunday 29th
Free to roam and forage for food. Conference pub: The Mercure George Hotel
Session 6                       Grave-digging, Corpse Roads and Funeral Handicrafts
Dr Helen Frisby & Dr Stuart Prior: “Law, Lore and Landscape: Gravedigging in 19th- to 20th- Century England.”
Dr Stuart Dunn: “Corpse Roads: Connecting archaeology, folklore and landscape.”
Dr Mu Peng: “Doing Handicraft: Balancing Diversity and Uniformity in Rural China.”
Session 7                       Fairies, Toadmen and Charcoal-burners
Dr Jo Hickey-Hall: “Fairies and Labourers.”
Dr Maureen James: “‘Catch a ‘walking toad’: Exploring the Rituals and Practices of the Toadmen of East Anglia.”
Dr Tommy Kuusela: “The Charcoal-burner, the Hunter and the Female Forest Spirit.” lunch
Tour of the Museum of E

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